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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 24, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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a. >> tonight at 9. nuclear threat. north korea blunt new claim that missile will target the united states. can they reach here. how serious is this? >> plus. >> california is once again con founded our critic. >> what is the state of the state governor brown outlines champagne dreams he hopes to finance on beer budget. >> also tonight. deployment of dozens of bay area troops. now on search rescue mission over seas. >> i'm spencer. not much rain showing up on live doppler 7 hd right now but the night not over yet. show ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating.
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it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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>> good evening everyone. dan has the night off. we begin with one of the most dangerous country in the world. making a new threat aimed directly at the united states. north korea says the missile nuclear weapons will target the u.s. white house is now signalling new sanctions. defense secretary panetta says the united states is very concerned and is quote fully prepared to teal with any kind of provocation. here's he martha. >> if there was any hope that kim would be less threatening and dangerous than his late father, those hopes are now dashed. the 20 something leader appears to relish his new role. now directly challenging the united states. reclusive nation warning the world it will soon tease
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nuclear weapon. long range rocket. 1 after another. today vowing that the target of its missiles and nuclear aggression america. sworn enemy. >> he's trying to show he can't be pushed around. >>reporter: tonight deep inside isolated nation, there are signs that a nuclear test is being ready. north korea first test add newshawk bomb in 2006. dianne sawyer was inside north korea days after test. the only western journalist meeting with the north nuclear negotiator. who asserted their country right to test. now it's believed the secret regime has nuclear arsenal of 12 weapons and powerful ones. last test in 2009 revealed a bomb about half as powerful as the one that destroyed hiroshima a.a bomb could level an area roughly about the size of lower manhattan. so how big
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a threat is north korea? it's believed the missiles can travel about 6000 miles at bes best. but capable of hitting hawaii. but what they are lacking and this is critical is the ability to make a nuclear weapon small enough to be placed top a missile and launched at an enemy. it's believed north korea is still many years away from being able to do that. still as today shows, nation which proudly hangs anti-american posters such as this while struggling to feed its own people is working every day to become an even greater threat. this is abc news, washington. >> back here at home. police in el cerrito say a comment about shoes proceeded the shooting of 2 high school students. they were walking along a popular path under the bart track between link con stockton avenue when 2 men approached. one asked about their shoes. then opened fire.
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sky 7 hd was over the scene shortly after that. the students injuries are not life threat being. albany high sent out a letter today your honoring students to take precaution when they are walking to and from school. >> resident of san jose neighborhood recognize the man in this sketch. man police say tried to kidnap a 13-year-old girl. this incident happened early last friday and it was caught on neighbor surveillance tape. arrow shows the girl breaking away from the man and running away. they say they don't know the name of the man in the sketch but they have seen him around the neighborhood. >> we learn today that san jose second homicide victim of the year is 43-year-old mother of 2 children. police say' a was found shot to death yesterday inside her condominium. she leaves hyped 8-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son. police not sure what led to the shooting but they do believe this woman was targeted. >> good amount of rain fell in parts of the bay area today. spencer is tracking it all for us on live doppler 7 hd.
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>> said it accurately. parts ought bay area looking at small area of rain open live doppler 7 hd and confined to part of the inland east bay out in the brentwood antioch area a little bit near san ramone and livermore. earlier today we had some soaking ray in the south bay and parts of the east bay. all diminish to this one little blob of moisture. more coming later in. rainfall total past 24 hours quarter inch at livermore. just a trace at hayward concord and fairfield. show you how spotty the rainfall has been. 35 hundredths inch at san jose and quarter inch and no measurable rain in many other location because!because more on the way and show you the 7 day forecast in a few minutes. >> all right spencer see you shortly. >> falling tree seriously injured a work intersan francisco. sky 7 hd flew over the site on garcia avenue in the park neighborhood here as crew clean up after the accident. the 1,000 pound tree fell on the worker causing massive head trauma. name and condition though of this worker
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has not been released. south bay air national guard rescue wing is deploying to afghanistan and africa this week. some personnel and equipment left tonight aboard the transport plane that took off couple hours ago. heather has the story from move it field. >> this helicopter is the air force version of the blackhawk. especially equipped for rescue missions and today it was loaded on to c 5 cargo plane to make the trip to afghanistan. the move it field base california air national guard 129 rescue wing specializes in rescuing troops and civilian in any kind of terrain under any conditions including under fire. 210 members of the 129 are heading to afghanistan and the horn of africa over the course of this week. they will spend 4 to 6 months supporting u.s. troops. for many it is not the first time. the hawk carries 2 pilots, gunner,nner, flight engineer and 2 pair of
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rescue men. describe as cross between navy seal and par medi medic. helicopter pilot major ester is leaving behind her civilian job as aerospace engineer and 3 children under the able of 4. she's flown in combat many times before and know whether to expect. >> it's nerve wracking but it's also at the moment that you are doing your mission you are commutely focused. you care so much about the injured and people that you are going to help that a lot of the anxiety sort of falls away and you just concentrate on doing your job. that's what all of this here are prepared to do when we go over. they have had 9 months to prepare for this deployment. of course there's a lot to think about and take care of when that far away for that long. this is abc 7 news. governor brown delivered
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his state of the state address today. at the top the of the agenda california road to financial recovery. but as we report from sacramento, not everybody is pleased with the governor's plan. >> with the state budget stabilize governor jerry brown says it's time to move on. in his third state of the state speech since retaking office in 2011 democrat had lofty goal for the year clearly aimed at building his legacy. high speed rail project breaks ground this year. state will ramp up to begin implementing president obama federal affor affordable care act. and forge ahead with the controversial twin tunnel to move water north to south through the fragile san joaquin delta. >> two years ago writing our obit. didn't happen. california is back. it's budget is balanced and we are on the move. >>reporter: some republicans though are scratching their heads. the governor congratulated lawmakers for cutting the budget and
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encouraged more belt tightening. but this year projects are pricey. >> that's could nun druchlt he talks about fiscal restraint and rampping up the budget 25% in the next three years. >>reporter: advocate for the poor criticize the governor for failing to look in the rear-view mirror. sabrina was one of the millions who experienced the 15 billion dollars this cuts state made to the safety net since 2008. but no plan to help her or others this year. >> it makes us feel like they don't want us. like they are leaving us out only about the wealthy people. don't care about the poor people. >>reporter: biggest applause from both sides of the aisle came we know the governor talked about keeping college afford aichbility but tuition increases are not the answer. i'm not going to let the students of california become the default finance people of our college and university. >>reporter: music to student ears. >> nobody wants to pay a lot of money. want to get in get our
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degree and move on. >>reporter: governor announced he's lead ago trade mission to china in april to promote california businesses and strengthen tie to the world second largest economy n.sacramento, abc 7 news. high cost of superbowl celebration. still ahead tonight. why the city of san francisco is not ready to commit to a forty-niner victory parade. >> plus sports memorabilia is big business. just ask this 4 49er fan. his collection is so good the team wants a piece of it. >> also tonightment bay area company developed a process that will add to the he can motion of smart phone app. >> mark zuckerberg doing a >>[ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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>> beer cans. san francisco is considering the what if of a superbowl win. but there's in planning yet for any kind of city wide party. the mayor says there will be some official something if the niners are victorious. here's carolyn tyler. >>reporter: you think they should have a parade if they win down market street. >> definitely. >>reporter: the giants had 2 fabulous world series championship parades. o why isn't there anything in the works for the 49ers? the team spokesman told me today we are solely focused on preparing for the superbowl.
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not discussing anything else right now. but civic celebration is customary. last time the niners won at all in the 94-95 season there was a blow out parade. and ceo york has recently said despite the team upcoming mav to santa clara if they win the superbow superbowl, there will be a.p. victory procession on market street. in san francisco. so perhaps just superstition to plan prematurely. >> it's about not talking about something until it really happens. that's part of the excitement and so i'll be very patient with this. >>reporter: but there is no delay in a strategy to prevent post superbowl celebration from getting out of hand like the mayhem that marred the giants victory. cars overturned. bonfire lit. muni bus smashed and torched. city officials say they have learned some lessons from that chaos. the mayor plans to visit businesses. suggesting they serve something other than what
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he calls heavy alcohol. and the police department is asking liquor stores to sell cans instead of bottles. they are working with muni. >> to ensure that we use the right type of bus that is evening. no electric buses out. have the more diesel buses that are able to maneuver around crowds and be redirected easily. >>reporter: something the mayor had hoped would contain the crowd is off the table. big screen to broadcast the big game outside city hall. like there was for the world series. nfl says no. it's copyrighted material. >> it's probably a business decision on their part. we'll respect it. i would will have to have that opportunity because it could help us center some of the celebration but we keep the city safe. >> he will work on friendly wager with baltimore's mayor and preparing to save or last week winning game. >> looking for recipe and
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dessert chef to help me do peach could beler and peach pie because i have 25 pound coming from georgia. >>reporter: mayor plans to visit merchant next week and several city department get together again next week to refine their safety strategy. besides wanting everyone to be safe, they also want to keep the city reputation up tarnished. the eyes of the 32 nfl owners are on the bay area. as the 49ers prepare to submit a bid this coming spring to host superbowl 50 in 2016. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> now to forty-niner fan whose collection of memorabilia is so impressive the niners organization is looking at it in hopes of adding few pieces to the museum when the new stadium is finished. story story from kurt in los angeles. >> if you are a niners fan, welcome to disneyland. >> i watch guy name joe montana
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come 52 being. then at that point i bought a pennant. is it was one of the first superbowl pen apartment. just blossom from there. >>reporter: michael and his family moved in eight years ag ago. unleashed the dream that has been stored in boxes for decades. >> i didn't realize that i had this if john brody my hero. this is from the 60's. >>reporter: that started as clipping of january brody as kid growing up in seattle in the 60's hase involved to should ripe of brick, blanket, bobble head, with montana and rice at the center piece. >> the reason i came hear we are putting together a hall of fame museum at the new stadium so looking for artifacts. he calls this memorabilia. this is full of artifacts and i walked in and what the heck. >>reporter: michael has over 100 posters. some mr. walker helped design when he was with the 49ers fichlt this is from the 50's and 60's. frainers don't have this stuff. >> i like the oddity as well. things that are off the beaten
9:19 pm
path. >>reporter: like the original slide used for the "time"magazine cover of montan montana. one of the football was only given to coaches and staff after winning the superbowl. and then there's this game worn helmet. >> niners came out and ride to do this whole press on the public saying this is our new logo. that lasted one day. out cry was so loud that they, they squashed the idea. this is their first superbowl and these are actual tickets that somebody put them in plexiglas plexiglass. loses value because it's totally encased. go niners. >>reporter: there's no age limit on being a fanatic. abc 7 news. >> all right. abc 7 news has entire team heading to the superbowl larry and mike will be there. former forty-niner will be sporting the superbowl ring all week long. g thing he doesn't have there with all the memorandum beall yeah. and wayne and katie will
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also bring you the best coverage during superbowl week we tweet behind the scenes update for you at this site. fantastic. >> let's dmebing now with spencer and our weather here for the weekend and beyond. >> check this out. >> we have to do it a little later. >> later. >> not happening yet. >> don't check it out yet? you have seen these lights behind us moving of course they are not moving at the moment. >> bay bridge. premature but at least you are ready for it now. it was a live view from our high definition roof top camera. looking out across the embarcadero to the bay brim that is rather spectacular when we go back to it. we have got cloudy skies on the bay area right now. with some breaks in the clouds actually and just a little bit of precipitation. we had lots of rain earlier this evening in parts of the south by and east bay now live doppler 7 shows we have a little blob of moisture just east of san ramone and livermore out to antioch and brentwood. light moderate rainfall there but most of the
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remain dear of the bay area dry at the moment and temperature reas in the mild side mainly mid 50's around the bay area right now. there's our forecast feature showers tonight redevelop in the south bay and perhaps east bay as well. diminish tm and cooler pattern this weekend. satellite radar composite image shows low pressure system offshore diving south ward and the circulation on the low still producing possibility of some scattered showers. scattered showers here in the bay area and even as the low pulls away and light showers diminish we have another system headed our way from the gulf of alaska. chance of showers are for this weekend. 11:00 o'clock tonight at which point we don't expect much to be happening except lots of clouds but overnight we see pockets of showers develop 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning and probably be some wet spots in the morning commute. during the day spotty widely scattered showers but not exactly very,
9:22 pm
very wet day coming our way but then on saturday the cold front sweeps in but not a lot of moisture with the system. big change will bring is cooler ai air. 7:00 o'clock saturday evening looking at rainfall total probably not more than half inch in the wet east parts of the south bay and no more than perhaps 15 hundredths inch in the north bay. meanwhile in the sierra around lake tahoe tomorrow. slight chance of showers saturday stronger chance of showers cold air arrives overnight into sunday then chance of snow showers in tahoe on sunday. back to the bay area tonight with chance of widely scattered showers we see low pressure in the mid upper 40's. relatively mild overnight period then tomorrow again chance of some scattered showers. greater chance early in the day. chance diminish later in the day. high pressure mainly in the upper 50's to just above 60 and near monteray bay similar pattern. few clouds. few scattered showers will break sunshine
9:23 pm
high pressure in the low to mid 60's there tomorrow. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast we have slight chance of showers on saturday and on sunday but pretty slight. temperature will drop though high over the weekend and even into monday tuesday in the mid 50's. 54 to 56 degrees around the bay area midweek next week we see a little bit milder pattern settling in. high pressure at 60 degrees. >> thanks expense near while you were doing weather the bay bridge lights were really in test mode but kind of quiet again. hopefully show them to you later. >> like our rain pattern. >> all right. just in time for the superbowl. army of volunteers give a veteran a back yard make over in just one day. >> plus the new app that offers >> plus the new app that offers picture proof well, well, well.
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>> facebook founder mark zuckerberg sending out friend request on behalf of new jersey governor cristie. zuckerberg hosting fundraiser for the republican governor next month at his home. he's running for reelection next year. the 2 are seen here together on oprah back in 2010. after zuckerberg donate the 100 million dollars to improve schools in new jersey. >> east bay veteran is getting a complete make over of his yard thanks to team of volume fryers home depot renovation means he can have a superbowl party in style with his family. 7 news reporter has the story from pittsburgh. >> background. >>reporter: after all the service shawn has given to his
9:28 pm
country and community he's grateful for what is being given back to him now. >> i'm extremely happy and i'm also y to see all the supporters. >> unreal. you know. it's amazing that support. 70 people here. that just come out here to volunteer to help him. >>reporter: army veteran serve $2 tour in iraq before returning to the bay area as highway patrol officer. it wasn't jaws career but something he considered a calling. but that was all shattered 3 years ago when the officers responded to a robbery in progress at oakland walgreens. when the robber came out shooting, he was hit. 8 times. >> kind of ironic. but i did choose oakland on the basis that i kind of miss the action. >>reporter: now after nearly a dozen surgery the 31-year-old officer can walk but only with a cain. standing for any length of time is difficult. but he's moving on and this team from home depot is helping
9:29 pm
with complete renovation of his yard. >> we are just trying to make his yard a place that he can enjoy himself. so we are diagnose a lot low maintenance a astro turf, fire pit and pergola and paver patio. >> volunteer to come out and donate their time to do all the stuff that needs to be done. >>reporter: when this is finished he will be able to safely use his out door area. another small step in a long process of recovery for the young veteran. >> awesome because all the people around here have been thanking me for my service but look at the service that they are providing for their own community. >>reporter: you can see putting the finishing touch open new gazebo 0back there non-profit group called hands on bay area coordinated this effort. the home depot team was made up of all local volunteers. part of nationwide effort to help veterans and others in need. 7 news. >> fabulous community effort.
9:30 pm
still to come tonight on 7 new news. california senator feinstein leads new charge on the hill to ban assault weapon weapons. >> local police chief responds to the opposition of the nra. >> all hands on deck. >> ntsb work over time to figure out what is causing fire on board the boeing dream line liner. it believes the plane safety system failed. >> also watch out. dangerous plane caught on video. government investigation now under way. >> escape of 15,000 so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ]
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>> california senior senator feinstein is trying once again
9:34 pm
to get assault weapons banned. on the hill today she introduced a bill to out law 158 military style assault weapons. she says she has a lot of backing. this is photo sent to 7 news by local contingent that joined the so-called million mom march in washington in support of the bill. more from mark matthews. >> senator feinstein walked in with lawmakers, law enforcement officers, clergy and victims of gun violence. all supporting her call for a ban. >> we prosecute hibt 158 specifically named military style firearms. >>reporter: feinstein measure would stop the sale, transfer, importation and manufacture of assault weapons and clips that hold more than 10 bull lit let. >> military style all the weapons have one purpose and in my view that's military purpose to hold at the hip if possible to spray fire to be able to kill large numbers. >>reporter: feinstein knows it
9:35 pm
will be an uphill fight in congress. even here in the east bay there is a lot of skepticism. >> as citizen we are all allowed to protect our self and we should be able to carry whatever use whatever gun if we want. >>reporter: you support it. >> not really, no. it's not going to change things. it will keep going. >> i don't think that's the proper solution. i think there is more in did i knowth, backers hope t public opinion will change. senator durbin said it's important that police departments and sheriff's department speck out. >> we can fought do this without you. we need to have your validation. of what we are setting out to did. >>reporter: oakland police chief howard jordan is on board. >> if you look at what the weapons mean and what they do, they have no place in a city like oakland or any urban environment. >>reporter: nra responded to senator feinstein today with the statement. quote it's disappointing but not surprising that she is once again focused on curtailing the
9:36 pm
constitution instead of prosecuting criminals or fixing our broken mental health syste system. standing in front of a lobby wall indescribed with the names of officers killed in the line of duty, howard jordan responded. >> for me personally i think they need to get just get reality check about what is really happening on the streets and what the impact of these weapons is causing inform not only our community but officers and officers being safe so they can protect our citizens. >>reporter: in the week since the sandy hook elementary shooting in connecticut there has been a lot of talk about banning assault weapons. and east bay gun dealer tells me there has been one other impact. sales of assault style weapons up 300 percent. in oakland, 7 news. >> with boeing and airline officials trying to assure travelers of the safety of the world newest jet liner the government today says disaster might have been averted. national transportation safety board safety board show the
9:37 pm
battery. the agency says it spewed electric from light shortly after the plane landed in boston early this month. tonight the ntsb says the back up protection in those battery failed. >> unprecedented event. we are very concerned. as i mention in the beginning, we do not expect to see fire events on board aircraft. >>reporter: she's speaking about 2 incidents that fire aboard sky pan airlines aircraft in boston at logan international airport as well as smoke incident aboard a plane flying over japan. after that the faa grounded all u.s. dream liners and other nations followed suit. >> no one was flying in salt lake city this afternoon. airport was closed for 3 hours because of freezing rain. one plane landing from denver slid on a patch of ice while on the runway. no one was injured. >> 2 united airline planes clipped wings at washington dulles international airport this afternoon. united flight arriving from brussels clipped the wings of united plane parked at near by gate. no one
9:38 pm
was hurt there either. take a look at this. 19 second viral video grabbing the attention of federal aviation authorities. it show as breath taking stunt by aerobatic pilot coming within just feet of a person standing on the runway. then making a quick maneuver to avoid hitting the woman. few feet away recording the whole thing. we learned this internet sensation was posted then removed from you tube by gist on new berg stunt pilot who advertises as daredevil for higher. faa is not amused by this telling us it is investigating. experts say even though the pilot seems to know what he's doing the mav simply wasn't smart. >> several points along the way this guy could have made mistake that would have killed himself and the two people that are filming the action here. the. >>reporter: sources tell us that new berg waiver to perform aerobatic expired in november and even if it had and pilots required to ensure safety of
9:39 pm
people on the ground. effort to reach him have been unsuccessful. >> new trend has workers using mobile device on the job. coming up next. bay area company found way to accelerate the app explosion needed to help them and the boss connect. >> and talk about star power. how a lowell beatles aims dinner's ready. [ female announcer ] hamburger helper stroganoff. beefy. creamy. stroganoffy. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious.
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>> we want to share with you a spectacularlihthoth unerayon te y bridge right now. this is sort of practice for this 8 million dollar light sculpture that leo real created for the bay bridge 75 anniversary called bay lights. a little difficult to
9:43 pm
see from this angle but these lights are moving and twinkling but look at this view of the bridge right now. you can see this is all part of the sculpture. led lights alternating in different artistic patterns. believe it or not we are told the drivers on the bridge can not see these lights and it will not ab distraction for them. but as someone who has traveled along the embarcadero and seen the practice at night you can see it from the embarcadero it's expected the lights once the project is complete the on march fifth will be on for about seven hours every night. pretty spectacular show. >> you have heard about app that can find your smart phone if it's stolen. now there's an app that will take a picture of the thief. >> front facing camera on the phone will snap their picture. capture their location and send e-mail to the person whose phone it actually is. >> now the photo snapt when the thief tries to unlock it with faulty password. look out app dedetectives mall ware on your
9:44 pm
phone. >> world seemingly moves from computer to mobile device new study suggest that one group is lagging behind. big companies. jonathan explains what they are doing to catch up and what could happen if they don't. >> automatically synchronize with our server to. >>reporter: brad weber showing how to give a sales presentation using an i-pad. something done with computers for years. but sales people say they just rather use a tablet. >> easy for people to gather around the device and have much more conversation 18 gauging interactive experience than they would through power point on lap top for instance. >>reporter: if the company has right mobile app that's great. but new study suggest a lot of big corporations don't. struggling to catch up with the change in how the employees work. >> trend called bring your own device. where they say bring your own device i-pad or android device or i-phone or anything else. >>reporter: michael company
9:45 pm
sponsored survey of 800 executives. nearly 40 percent said the company built zero or one mobile app over the past year. partly to blame, the daunting array of different devices. apple android now microsoft soil. today what is involved is develop 3 separate tool sets 3 separate lapping wajs and 3 completely different environment to actually build and reach the user. >>reporter: why would a big business want to build mobile app. folks tell it headache could get big ferry they didn't. if you don't have a mobile app they will down load one and start using that that opens up all kind of security hole and support issue for you. >>reporter: this builds a kit the speed up the process of developing an app for multiple platform said company will build the app because employee will do more work. >> sitting there with the coffee and accomplish real work on the tablet computer. that's 30 minutes of that employee
9:46 pm
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>> in south africa officials there looking for 15,000 kroc dials that escaped from a farm after heavy rain. owners say open the gates to prevent a storm surge of the river and the crocodile have been recap toured but half on the loose scattered far and wide. one turned up on school rugby field 75 miles away. >> it turns out that people aren't the only ones smart enough to navigate using the stars. beetles do it too.
9:50 pm
they use the streak of the milky way to orient themselves along a straight lane. beetle needs to do that to protect the dung. male beetle invest time to create it for female to lay her egg inside. male often sit and wait for another beetle to create the perfect ball for them to steal. so once the ball is made dung pweelt gets away from the fiercely dung mile as quickly as possible. now you know. scientist say the best way to do that is in a straight line. >> all right one last check of the weather. spencer is here. >> job well done. live doppler 7 hd. a little spot of moisture here over the east bay. light showers rate now but we do expect more to develop overnight. several areas of showers especially in southern california where the rain is a little bit steadier and in the bay area we expect widely scattered showers to. break of sunshine and cloud and high pressure mainly in the upper 50's to low 60's and here's the accu-weather 7 day
9:51 pm
forecast. very cool over the weekend. high pressure 4 day span reaching only to the mid 50's through tuesday then start to get milder weather midweek next week but light showers as we head into the weekend. >> spencer we knew we could count on you for the dung. >> i hope deed. >> it seems even babies can't resist the catchy beat of gang ham style. look at the seven month old copying the move of month old copying the move of the south korean singer on ♪ gang am in style. ♪ . >> of course the baby captured the hearts of you tube users everywhere. close to 1 million people have seen this video in less than two weeks. that is
9:52 pm
talent. even better than you do it larry. >> that is somewhat better than i do it. that is frightening. baby is so adorable. >> so on. >> even my rhythm. any way media crush is on at forty-niner headquarters. kaepernick gets preview of what it would be like in new orleans in just a few days. oh, yes. ithere's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos.
9:53 pm
barrow island has got rare kangaroos. ♪ chevron has been developing energy here for decades. we need to protect their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve.
9:54 pm
it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪
9:55 pm
>> coming up tonight. giants coach steps up to the plate to help the fan nearly beaten to death at dodger game. how he's using music to make a difference. >> plus handle rejection. one at any rate getting dumped or losing your job easier to handle. tonight on 7 news at 11:00 right now though larry is here. >> trying to brick it to me gently. >> i'm sorry you are out. >> okay. capernic first real dose of what happens when you lead your team to the superbowl. new star literally surrounded
9:56 pm
envelope by immediate why today after practice. and this is jaws preview of what he lights like in new orleans next week. endless group of reporters trying to get to him. he delivered pizza to some reporters today. 49ers ravens met pre-kaepernick last year. last thanksgiving that was last season now without really mobile quarterback lake cap. niners offensive line much better job this year of protecting the quarterback. only 2 sack allowed in the post season. >> i think our pass projection in general has improved as far as time on task and one thing i can guarantee you though it's going to be a great challenge and great competition there. they are very good defense. tough physical defense and i think our players understand that and they are excited for the challenge. >> they know what they are doing. i mean when there's hole in the defense they know where the holes are so they try to cover them up the best way they can. >> lombardi trophy at ravens
9:57 pm
practice today. players take pictures with the trophy hope to be holding it after the superbowl then ray lewis came and they said no. we are not doing that. not until after we win. lewis the only player on the ravens roster that played in superbowl 35 when the ravens beat the giants. leader of the team for 17 years but retiring that have game. ravens in good hands with quarterback flacco. >> there's a lot of guy that is can definitely step in that role but i think joe has a great advantage head start to really become a true true leader. has to come out of his quiet shell a little bit but outside of that joe is definitely great candidate for it. >>reporter: speaking of brothers in the nfl. could the flacco brothers be next? you saw joe flacco there preparing for the superbowl. his brothers john is a sophomore wide receiver at stanford. he was recruited by former cardinal head coach jim harbaugh. >> in the end i got to root for
9:58 pm
the ravens, my brother but it's fun. actually kind of a weird twist in the story and it's been exciting to be able, to be a part of that. >>reporter: come on flacco. red and gold. well, obviously go with the family. we have so much more for you next week. i'll be in new orleans along with wayne and katie and mike who has a superbowl ring from the 81 team that will be on display and we have all kinds of good stuff coming next week in new orleans. nba all star reserve announced today. lee became the first warrior player since sprewell back in 1997 to make the all star contest but kind of bitter sweet because curry left off the roster. this is lee second all star appearance in the career. and he obviously made it with knicks back in 2010. well deserved honor for lee averaging 20 and 11 per game but curry should have been on the team. warriors coach jackson tweeted frustration at the coaches because they picked reserve squad. come on coach you are better than. that
9:59 pm
here's reaction now from lee in video provided by the warriors in chicago. >> my team mates steff is my best friend unbelievable guy. having a tremendous season. really deserveed to make it as well so it's bitter sweet moment but at this time just be excited and cross our fencingers he still finds way to make it. >> too many good guard in the west. men in teal sharks home opener hosting the coyotes. last team in the tank. come out of the teeth right there. san jose power play goal in all 3 games this season. logan and the shot make it 1 nothing san jose but the coyotes find them receives on 2 man advantage in the second sullivan hat trick last nature squeezes it the tie it up at 1. sullivan another chance. hits the goal post in the third. rings it off the pipe but minutes later the coyotes don't miss. soft goal.


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